A FIFO queue built around Vec with an optional capacity.

Crate Documentation Pipeline Coverage MIT License Maintenance

The official web site for the queue crate is located at https://rascul.gitlab.io/queue. Project hosting is provided by GitLab. The repository is located at https://gitlab.com/rascul/queue and may be cloned from that url. The repository is also mirrored to GitHub at https://github.com/rascul/queue. Pull requests, issues, etc. are ignored at GitHub and considered only via GitLab.


Published releases have documentation at https://docs.rs/queue.

Documentation for lastest master is at https://rascul.gitlab.io/queue/queue/index.html (as long as the pipeline is successful to build and deploy the docs).

Test Coverage

Coverage report is generated by kcov and is found (if pipeline is successful) at https://rascul.gitlab.io/queue/cov/index.html .


Releases for this library are published on crates.io and are available at https://crates.io/crates/queue.

To use the crate, add this to your Cargo.toml:

queue = "0.3"


use queue::Queue;
let mut q = Queue::new();


while let Some(item) = q.dequeue() {
    println!("{}", item);